Keeping the Watch is the first
installment in the "Wildphotographer
Series" of documentary videos. It
examines the world of independent
research in the Bigfoot phenomenon. 
It is without the spin put on this subject so often by big marketing media production companies.  There is no "professional" skeptic hiding in the wings to degrade evidence or defame people.  It is only the facts as I saw them, and the words of the real people involved .  Keeping the Watch breaks new ground in the field of paranormal related videos.  It would make a fine addition to any collection. 
One of our members was interviewed
on this video.   Carolann.

  Other film recommendations:

  The Legend of Boggy Creek -  dramatized documentary
  Harry and the Hendersons -     fictional comedy

Letters From the Big Man
A great movie by Christopher Munch.

​Theatrical Trailer

The website for the movie:

Letters From the Big Man

A DVD of the movie is also available there.​

Speaking of Sasquatch
A 21 minute video by Christopher Munch
This is NOT your typical 'bigfoot' video.  You just have to watch it!

Youtube video

Mr. Munch plans to make this a monthly web-cast, and judging from this first one I certainly hope he is able to do that!