What do you believe Bigfoot is?                                        
An unknown species of animal
A different race of humans
A purely or partially spiritual being such as the nephalim
A being from another planet
A being from another dimension
A figment of some peoples imagination
None of the above

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  What abilities do you believe these creatures have?                
They have unprecidented physical strength
They are capable of Invisibility
They can invoke emotional responses in humans
They can communicate mentally with each other
They can communicate mentally with human beings
They can manipulate physical objects with their minds
They can make us THINK they have these abilities.

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         What about our sighting reports?          
I have read them all
I have read those in my area
I scan them, reading those of interest
I have never read them

      What do you think of our site?                   
Very informative
Somewhat informative
Needs work
Makes me want to learn more
Makes me want to stay home nights