Alabama Georgia Bigfoot Research Group

Bigfoot Encounters
Bobbie Short's site

Bigfoot Museum
Keeping the legend alive

Bigfoot Sightings
Linda Martin's site

Bigfoot Sweets
Magnets and other bigfoot goodies

Loren Coleman's site


Cryptid Florida
T. G. Powell's site of cryptid and paranormal events from Florida and beyond.

Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center
Don Keating's site

Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
A pro-kill site, but a good source of info.

The Hairy Giant
Arts & entertainment

Kentucky Bigfoot

Lawnflowers site's list of bigfoot links.

Oregon Bigfoot
Autumn Williams' site

Sasquatch Expedition Group
A research group in Washington State founded by Casey Smith and Tony Watson.

Sasquatch Information Society
Robert Murdock's site HQ in Seattle, WA

Virginia Bigfoot Research
William M. Dranginis' site

Talk About Origins discussion forum
NOT bigfoot related.  This is for Creation/Evolution discussions.  It is only included here because it is operated by our Membership Dude/assistant webmaster!!

Bigfoot Searcher
A research database that makes it easy
to keep track of your findings in
a very user-friendly format.
And it is FREE!!